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Aqilah Che Azizuddin

Centre Director

My love for Early Learning Education started when I taught at a pre-school in the United Kingdom. I noticed that the children were very independent, and genuinely enjoyed learning! The educators treated the children with respect and worked hard to create a fun, safe, positive and supportive environment for optimal emotional wellbeing and development.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching back then and upon reflection, thought this was something lacking in Malaysia – play based learning in early years! Play is essential for early learning, and the best learning outcomes for children occur when there is a balance between child-directed play, guided play and adult-led learning.


Coming from a big family of 10, we believe in the utmost importance of family and education; which happens to be exactly what Kool Kidz is all about. Upon meeting Kool Kidz Founder, Phillip Hortis back in 2011, the idea of opening Kool Kidz in Malaysia just clicked! We now have the Kool Kidz Master License from Australia for the Malaysian market, and opened our first centre in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.


I strongly believe that the first six years of a child’s life are vital for development, as this is when children’s brains are extraordinarily active and is the optimal time for learning and development. In these early years, a child’s main way of learning and developing is through play. Play is best supported by meaningful interactions with early childhood professionals, and is fun as it gives children an opportunity to explore, observe, experiment, solve problems and learn from their mistakes. So, as the Centre Director, it is important for me to make sure Kool Kidz Malaysia offers a stimulating environment with lots of different activities that gives a child plenty of ways to play, learn and grow.

Susila S. Sankaran


I began my career in the Malaysian Government Service working on Demography and Population Statistics. Although the job was good, I knew it was not my life’s purpose so I left after many years of service to pursue my true passion: working with children.


It was the best decision I ever made. My Early Childhood Education career began in 2004 after completing my training in the Montessori Method of Education from the St Nicholas Training Centre, London. Even while living in New Zealand, I never stopped delighting in my work with children and served at a wonderful Montessori Preschool. On my return to Malaysia, I worked with the Malaysian Early Childhood System, before finally settling on Kool Kidz Malaysia.


I believe that all children flourish in an environment where they feel safe, secure, are nurtured with love, kindness, guidance and routine, and I found it at Kool Kidz. This is when children begin to learn. I believe that children between the ages of 0 – 6 years learn best at their own pace, as they possess an innate “absorbent mind” that helps them learn from their environment.


The most rewarding element of working with children for me, is their delight at independent achievement and in being a small contributing part of that achievement.


My vision for Kool Kidz Malaysia is to see us grow to our full potential, preparing our graduates for schools all around the world.

Soo Teng

Education Leader

I believe play is an essential tool to the social, emotional, cognitive, physical wellbeing and more importantly, the creativity of a child. I share my enthusiasm for learning when it is pleasurable and purposeful by providing engaging resources in a positive environment. I enjoy creating a sense of a belonging for each child to enhance their confidence. This approach contributes to their learning readiness and encourages positive behaviour. My greatest reward is when the children arrive to school with an enthusiasm to be here with me. I enjoy responsive learning experiences filled with laughter and curiousity!

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