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Kool Kidz services provide Kindergarten Programmes for 4 to 6 year olds.

With awe-inspiring play spaces, nutritionist approved food and world-class Australian Early Learning education – Kool Kidz Kindergarten prepares children for private or international schools with globally recognised academic standards. Our School Readiness Program© provides a tailored transition program that will boost your child’s emotional maturity, physical development, social skills and communication skills.

At Kool Kidz, your child would naturally progress through their own developmental milestones with the support of the next level of Kool Beginnings Curriculum© and Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Your child would learn self-reliance and problem solving skills in the playground, know how to look after his or her own belongings, use the bathroom independently, follow multiple instructions, be able to express emotions appropriately and deal with competition and conflict. He or she will also form friendships, and experience a year full of discovery, fun and real personal growth.

To keep tabs on your little one’s progress, we have term progress reflections, end of year transition statements and family/teacher meetings in place. This provide opportunities for discussion on your child’s development.

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