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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kool Kidz privately owned?
Kool Kidz centres are privately owned and family run, setting new industry standards in childcare and early childhood education. Kool Kidz Approved Providers who own and operate their own location take the responsibility of caring and educating your child, ensuring the absolute highest standards are achieved at all times. Kool Kidz have created a real quality alternative for families to consider.

How soon can my child start?
When we have a vacancy at your chosen location that suits your care requirements and you accept the position, you will be required to complete an enrolment form, a child profile form, a dietary requirement form for each child you wish to enrol. Once you have returned the complete forms and paid your fee, your child/children may be able to commence care as soon possible.

Am l able to change my child’s permanent days if my situation changes?
When you enrol at Kool Kidz you will select which days will be your child’s permanent days to attend. Each week we will expect your child to attend on the nominated days until you provide us with 3 months notice in writing of your intention to reduce permanent care days. You are welcome to increase or change permanent care days subject to availability so you will need to speak to the Approved Provider to check if there are any vacancies to make the changes.

Once I enrol my child, how long am I committed for?
Families must provide us with a minimum 3 months notice in writing to cease care.

Does Kool Kidz allow children to attend if they are unwell?
The health and safety of children is our highest priority at Kool Kidz, so children must not attend if they are unwell. Kool Kidz is unable to provide adequate care for sick children as we are unable to provide for the one on one care usually required by a sick child. Sick children can also compromise the health and safety of other children.

What do I need to bring for my child each day?
We request that each child has a bag for their personal belongings. Families need to ensure that all their children’s belongings are clearly named. To assist us in meeting all your child’s needs we ask that the following items are provided:

  • change of clothes for all weather conditions (enough underwear if toilet training)
  • ready made up bottles or pre measured formula and sterilised bottles (if required)
  • comforters (dummy, teddy, blanket etc.)
  • drink bottle with strictly water only
  • one nappy for your child to be changed into before home time (if required).

Who can collect my child?

  • Upon enrolment you must nominate authorised people to collect your child in your absence.
  • Any person collecting a child who is unfamiliar to staff must produce photo identification, which will be cross reference with the child’s enrolment form. If a person is requesting to collect a child but is not on the enrolment form Kool Kidz will not under any circumstances release that child.
  • Kool Kidz uses the latest security access system’s which allows only authorized families and staff to access the facility. Any unauthorized person will not have automatic access so must use the front door bell to request access. Upon entry all visitors must sign our visitors register book to ensure only authorized persons gain access into our premises at any time.

Will Kool Kidz help with toilet training my child?

  • Kool Kidz educators will work together with you and your child on individual, appropriate strategies to overcome toilet training challenges. Kool Kidz services are purpose built facilities which are fitted with convenient nappy changing benches and age appropriate toilets.

What will my child do while they are at Kool Kidz? 

  • When Children arrive in the morning, Parents sign their child in for the day in their respective classrooms. The children spend time together, interacting during free play. After breakfast, each room adopts its own unique planned programs and routines daily. To meet the children’s daily physical needs, meal times and rest/sleep times are part of the basic outline of room routine. This includes both indoor and outdoor educational programs that are developed to cater for the strengths and interests of the children. Our programs are designed to meet individual and group objectives developed through observations.
  • By mid afternoon, as some children start to go home, the remaining children will once again participate in an integrated age group program. Children who are enrolled in our Enrichment Classes then stay on to enjoy extra-activities and lessons. Toddlers aged 1-2 years will continue to be in the care of our experienced Educators who will capture their imagination with innovative, play based activities based on our Learning Blocks. Young children aged 3-6 years will get to dabble in Dance, Yoga, Tae Kwan Do, Little Kickers or other enrichment programs that are led by respective leaders from different industries. As the day comes to an end, the children gather together once again in the integrated age group program while waiting to go home.
  • You will have access to daily information sheets or communication books that will tell you what your child has eaten, hours they have slept and what bottles they have had for that day as well as what activities they have participated in throughout the day. This information is recorded by our staff and will give you the opportunity to discuss the day’s events with your child.

What are your security and safety features?
Many safety features have been built into our facilities to minimize any potential harm or access of unauthorized persons. There is always a guard on duty and a state of the art security system that includes CCTV cameras and a biometric fingerprint scanner at the main entrance. Kool Kidz Malaysia is also fully certified for fire safety by the Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat, Malaysia (Malaysian Fire & Rescue Department).

What kind of School Readiness program do we run?
We develop children who are:

  • Social;
  • Resilient;
  • Show perseverance on a given or chosen activity;
  • Are independent;
  • Are attentive; and,
  • Have a strong sense of who they are within a larger group.

We endeavour to develop a life-long love of learning in your child .

Will my child learn the alphabet and numbers?
Your child will have many opportunities to explore pre-literacy and pre-number skills. Through play and other fun learning experiences, your child will discover the alphabet and number as they engage in “Concepts of Print” and “Counting” activities. If your child is ready they can be lead to reading activities.

Can I meet with the Teacher?
Yes, please do! A minimum of 2 Parent Teacher meetings are scheduled. A positive working relationship between home and school promotes positive learning outcomes.

Do I need to pack a lunch box?
No lunch boxes are needed as Kool Kidz provides all meals for your child throughout their day including morning tea, a two course lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack

Do you have incursions and excursions?
Yes, we do! We plan these around unit themes based on the children’s interests. We have many internal programs at no extra cost.

What is your privacy policy?
Our detailed privacy policy can be viewed here.

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