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Admission Information


How soon can my child start?


When we have a vacancy that suits your care requirements and you accept the position, you will be required to complete an enrolment form and child profile form for each child you wish to enrol. Once you have returned the completed forms and paid your enrolment fee and deposit, your children may be able to commence care as soon as the following day.


It is Kool Kidz policy that after accepting a position at Kool Kidz you must start care within 2 weeks. Special consideration may be given leading up to the Christmas and New Year Period when some vacancies can be offered and confirmed in advance (a period greater than two weeks) to assist Families in planning for their New Year commitments.


How long is the waiting list at Kool Kidz?


It is quite difficult to say, as there are many contributing factors such as the;

• age of the child (which will determine which room the child must be enrolled in)

• required days (some families require at least two days while others require full time)

• preferred start date (some families require care to start as soon as possible while

   others may want to start later)


Unfortunately once a Kool Kidz centre is operating at full occupancy, we can only rely on existing families to voluntarily change their care requirements or cancel their vacancy. When a vacancy becomes available, the Director will refer to the family waiting list register. It is best to register your interest on the waiting list so that we are fully aware of your care requirements and can attempt to meet your needs when a position becomes available. Usually a month before you require care, you will receive a courtesy phone call from Kool Kidz alerting you to any possible vacancies for your consideration.


Once I enrol my child, how long am I committed to?


There are no long-term commitments or contracts to be signed when enrolling your child at Kool Kidz. Although we aim to create an environment that promotes long term partnerships with each family who chooses to enrol with Kool Kidz, Families must provide us with a minimum one term’s notice (3 months) in writing to cease care services.


Once my child is enrolled, do they automatically have a position for the following year?

Towards the end of each year, existing families will receive an invitation from Kool Kidz to request care requirements for the following year. It is the family's responsibility to return these forms by the nominated date to secure a position for the following year. We will then attempt to meet the care requirements for existing families, providing confirmation as early as possible. Any additional vacancies are then filled from families on the Kool Kidz waiting list register.



Program Information


What do I need to bring for my child each day?


Your child will need a bag for all their personal belongings. Typically, each child would need:

• Three change of clothes for all weather conditions (including underwear if toilet training)

• ready to heat bottles (if required)

• comforters (dummy, teddy, blanket etc)

• drinking bottle with strictly water only

• one nappy for your child to be changed into before home time (if required).


Please ensure that all of your child’s belongings are clearly labeled.


What will my child do while they are at Kool Kidz?


When Children arrive in the morning, Parents sign their child in for the day in their respective classrooms. The children spend time together, interacting during free play. After breakfast, each room adopts its own unique planned programs and routines daily. To meet the children’s daily physical needs, meal times and rest/sleep times are part of the basic outline of room routine. This includes both indoor and outdoor educational programs that are developed to cater for the strengths and interests of the children. Our programs are designed to meet individual and group objectives developed through observations.


By mid afternoon, as some children start to go home, the remaining children will once again participate in an integrated age group program. Children who are enrolled in our Enrichment Classes then stay on to enjoy extra-activities and lessons. Toddlers aged 1-2 years will continue to be in the care of our experienced Educators who will capture their imagination with innovative, play based activities based on our Learning Blocks. Young children aged 3-6 years will get to dabble in Dance, Yoga, Tae Kwan Do, Little Kickers or other enrichment programs that are led by respective leaders from different industries. As the day comes to an end, the children gather together once again in the integrated age group program while waiting to go home.


You will have access to daily information sheets or communication books that will tell you what your child has eaten, hours they have slept and what bottles they have had for that day as well as what activities they have participated in throughout the day. This information is recorded by our staff and will give you the opportunity to discuss the day’s events with your child.


Does Kool Kidz allow children to attend if they are unwell?


The health and safety of children is our highest priority at Kool Kidz, so children must not attend if they are unwell. Kool Kidz is unable to provide adequate care for sick children as the atmosphere and activities are not appropriate for children when they are unwell. Sick children can also compromise the health and safety of well children. For that reason, we take every child’s temperature upon arrival to ensure that they are well enough to attend classes.


Will Kool Kidz help with toilet training my child?


Our staff will work together with you and your child on individual, appropriate strategies to overcome toilet training challenges. Kool Kidz Centres are purpose built facilities, which are fitted with convenient nappy changing benches and age appropriate toilets.



About our Educators and Carers


How many Carers will be looking after my child?


The Australian Department of Education & Early Childhood Development Regulations state that the minimum staff/child ratios for a licensed children service are; for every five children under the age of three, there must be a minimum of one staff member. For every fifteen children over the age of three, there must be a minimum one staff member. There must be at least one qualified staff member for every fifteen children under the age of three and one qualified staff member for every thirty children over the age of three. Kool Kidz adheres to these minimum ratios at all times however additional staff are always on hand to guarantee the promise of our high standards.


What qualifications do the staff have?


Each playroom is operated by an experienced room leader who holds a minimum Early Childhood Education qualification. These staff members are responsible for the operation of the room including the implementation of the Kool Beginnings Curriculum © for their group of children.


Assistants do not require formal qualifications but we encourage all assistants to consider enrolling in our workplace traineeship program or in a Diploma in Early Childhood. Selected staff have many years of experience in the childcare industry demonstrating a true dedication and passion in working with children.


In addition, Kool Kidz Malaysia periodically runs refresher courses for their staff. This training is undertaken by principals of Kool Kidz Australia.


Do Kool Kidz staff have first aid training?


It is Kool Kidz policy that there is always a minimum of one staff member on duty at all times with a current First Aid qualification to be able to care for your child in case of an emergency.



Security Information


Who can collect my child?


Upon enrolment, you must nominate authorized persons to collect your child in your absence. For each day that your child attends Kool Kidz, it is a legal requirement for you to record the name of the nominated person collecting your child that day in the sign in/out sheets provided. Any person collecting a child who is unfamiliar to staff must produce photo identification, which will be cross – referenced with the child's enrolment form. If a person is requesting to collect a child but is not on the enrolment form, Kool Kidz will not under any circumstances release that child.


What are your security and safety features?


Many safety features have been built into our facilities to minimize any potential harm or access of unauthorized persons. There is always a guard on duty and a state of the art security system that includes CCTV cameras and a biometric fingerprint scanner at the main entrance. Kool Kidz Malaysia is also fully certified for fire safety by the Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat, Malaysia (Malaysian Fire & Rescue Department).

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