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We help children become independent learners in society through quality care and educational programs delivered in a loving, caring and nurturing environment by a team of passionate, dedicated and committed professionals.

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Compared to most early learning centres, Kool Kidz is a breathe of fresh air – Combining best practice learning techniques from Australia with a genuine passion for our child’s progress.

Kristofer and Lourdes Rogers, Jude’s parents (2 yrs old)

I have found Kool Kidz to be completely accommodating of all parents and children. Every teacher, no matter what year they lead, always have a cheery attitude in school to all the kids and parents.

Nadine Fernandez, Sage’s mom (2 yrs old)

Our son has been at the Kool Kidz for nearly 12 months and we could not speak more highly of the care he receives. The teachers and staff are lovely, patient and warm.

Stuart and Jessica, Charlie’s parents(1 yr old)

Meet Our Director

Aqilah Che Azizuddin

Photo By: The Star

At Kool Kidz, we understand the importance of creating an environment that is familiar, comforting and secure for children at a tender age. Hence, our continuous focus is weaving a seamless transition for all our children from their home to Kool Kidz. Rooted on a play based approach, we pride ourselves in making learning both engaging and fun for our children through wholly designing and curating our programme based on their own knowledge. We believe that our play based approach is essential for early learning. Our research shows that the best learning outcomes for children occur when there is a balance between child-directed play, guided play and adult-led learning.

Here at Kool Kidz, we afford each child with the independence to explore, observe, experiment and solve their own problems, all within the perimeters of our dedicated and supportive early childhood professionals. To sum up, at Kool Kidz, our children are given every opportunity to live by our motto of “Play, Learn and Grow. “

I first realised there was a gap in Early Learning Education in Malaysia when I taught at a play-based learning pre-school in the U.K. in 2010. In a reversal of roles however, I was the one that was taught the importance of play-based learning which focused on creating a supportive and fun environment to nurture a child’s development and independence in learning. Hence, when the opportunity came to open Kool Kidz in Malaysia after meeting Philip Hortis, founder of Kool Kidz Australia in 2011, I immediately took a leap of faith.

Everything happened in quick succession from then on. After acquiring the Kool Kidz Master License from Australia in 2011, the first Kool Kidz centre was open in Bangsar, Malaysia in 2014 and we are expecting to open our second and third Kool Kidz centres in late 2017. Before I was Director of Kool Kidz Malaysia, I was a daughter and sister of 8 siblings and as such the importance of family and education has always been deeply rooted in me. Now, as the Director and a mother, armed with such deep rooted beliefs, Kool Kidz continuously strives to create a stimulating environment for all our children to ensure that the first 6 years in their development is a meaningful one.

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